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Your favourite podcast is back for a fourth season. We’re back from the holidays and so is France. But getting up from the pool and back to school will come with some novelties for the country’s students. The typical French rentrée is not looking sunny for President Macron. He has had a rough summer and his approval ratings have hit a record low.

We also discuss the hip hop brawl that took Booba and Kaaris, two of France’s most famous rappers, to court this week. And don’t forget to listen to our selection of So French Music, on Spotify. Click here for our playlist.

Recorded in Paris, 8 september 2018


Pamela Druckerman

In our third and last Summer Special, we sit down with Pamela Druckerman. She is a Franco-American writer living in Paris and the author of the international bestseller French Children Don’t Throw Food. In her latest book, There are no grown-ups, she investigates life in her forties, and wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face.

Since the presenters this podcast are also parents in their forties, we ask Pamela some advice about growing up. We also discuss the delicate topic of raising children in France.

Recorded in Paris, 24 August 2018

For our Summer Series we sat down with Sophie Pedder, the Paris Bureau Chief of The Economist. Over the last couple of years, she interviewed Macron several times. Her new book is called Revolution Française: Emmanuel Macron and the Quest to Reinvent a Nation.

We had a very interesting and entertaining conversation with Sophie on President Macron, but also about the challenges of living in France and about Brexit.

Note: This Episode was recorded a couple of days before the story of #Benallagate broke, the scandal that seriously tarnished Macron’s image as the Wonder Boy of European politics.

It’s Quatorze Juillet, France’s national holiday! Reason for us to take the metro to Saint-Dénis, where all former French kings were buried. We are visiting this Paris suburb with our special guest, the excellent and funny writer Stephen Clarke, who knows a lot about the Revolution, about French history and about many other things.

Recorded in Saint-Denis, July 13, 2018

Emmanuel Macron went to the Vatican, while French butchers were under fire. They ask for police protection because they fear vegan attacks.

French police uncovered another terrorist plot. But this time one of the suspects is a former… police officer

And the immigration has been has been dominating European headlines and scaring European politicians for almost three weeks now. What’s going on?

Recorded in Paris, 29 June 2018

Photo by ja ma on Unsplash

France and Italy have traded insults, and that’s not the first time this year. We’ll also talk about how Autolib, Paris’ famous car sharing programme, could end up being an expensive affair for the tax payer, and maybe seen scrapped all together…

Speaking of tax money: a lot of presidential candidates have been throwing money out the window during their campaign last year.

And we’ll try to sort out the bizarre equation of how France’s most watched tv personalities is about to bring down the channel that broadcasts his show.

Recorded in Paris, June 15, 2018

This week everybody around the world was talking about Spiderman, the new hero who saved a kid in Paris.

And how are things going with Macron’s dream of France as a Start-up nation? We have a special guest, Abby Klein, host of the cool podcst Radical Departures. She will guide us through the world of French tech.

Recorded in Paris, May 31, 2018


In our regular cheese update, we talk about the great French Camembert war! No cheesefire in sight, as purists defend a smelly national treasure.

Our guest Charles Wente (Senior Producer, France 24) will give us his insightful perspective on this week’s topics.

And if you thought Emmanuel Macron was good looking, take a good look again. We’ll tell you why.

Recorded in Paris, 18 May 2018

This is our 50th Episode, and we thank you for listening to us. This week:

  • With strikes, bad approval ratings and a trolling former President all at once, Macron has little reason to celebrat his first anniversary.
  • We also talk about the Cannes Filmfestival and about the stratgeic interests of New Caledonia. 
  • And you probably thought this was done years ago, but it was actually only this week the last French telegram was sent. STOP.

Recorded in Paris, May the 4th (be with you)


Is Macron the European Messias, or is nobody ready to give in to his whims?

At home, the French President was not really bothered by all the strikes and protests. Is anyone actually working in France these days? We take a closer look at the very controversial reforms underway this spring

With sunny days on the horizon, there is a new ice cream flavour – très french – if you dare…

And Maud Descamps is here to explain to us a fresh french word of the week!

Recorded in Paris, April 20, 2018