This week, we let you know what ‘innovative’ striking is as the country’s public service workers are kicking off a long-lasting campaign to stop a government-planned major reform.

And worse than fake news… fake wine! France this week learned about a major scam, a producer selling cheap wine as exclusive vintage. What if you can no longer trust what’s in your bottle?

Also Nicolas Sarkozy is back, but probably not in a role he likes to be.

Recorded in Paris, March 24, 2018

We take a closer look at two of the biggest losers French politics – almost one year after the presidential election

And is time finally up for one of France’s most infamous politicians and his wife? Known for their luxurious taste, preference for cash and unusual ability to get away with… almost anything!

This week has seen the International Women’s day being marked around the world. This year with some more intensity and acknowledgment maybe, thanks to the #metoo movement.

And of course, Maud Descamps is with us for a brand new word of the week!

Recorded in Paris, March 10, 2018