Emmanuel Macron went to the Vatican, while French butchers were under fire. They ask for police protection because they fear vegan attacks.

French police uncovered another terrorist plot. But this time one of the suspects is a former… police officer

And the immigration has been has been dominating European headlines and scaring European politicians for almost three weeks now. What’s going on?

Recorded in Paris, 29 June 2018

Photo by ja ma on Unsplash

France and Italy have traded insults, and that’s not the first time this year. We’ll also talk about how Autolib, Paris’ famous car sharing programme, could end up being an expensive affair for the tax payer, and maybe seen scrapped all together…

Speaking of tax money: a lot of presidential candidates have been throwing money out the window during their campaign last year.

And we’ll try to sort out the bizarre equation of how France’s most watched tv personalities is about to bring down the channel that broadcasts his show.

Recorded in Paris, June 15, 2018

This week everybody around the world was talking about Spiderman, the new hero who saved a kid in Paris.

And how are things going with Macron’s dream of France as a Start-up nation? We have a special guest, Abby Klein, host of the cool podcst Radical Departures. She will guide us through the world of French tech.

Recorded in Paris, May 31, 2018