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The situation for refugees and migrants in the French capital is pretty tough. We’ll bring you an exclusive report from one of the makeshift camps in central Paris.

Is it the end of ‘Allez les Bleues’? The French national football team takes on an American super hit to boost the squad ahead of the Euro 2016 championships here in France.
And this episode’s So French Word is ‘cheminot‘? Do you want to know what that is? Then listen to our tenth Episode!


In this edition: The Panama Papers mentioned a French political party. Prostitutes’ clients will be punished. A French Employment Court ruled that the use of the word ‘pédé’ (faggot) was not homophobic and star football player Karim Benzena will not be part of the French national team during the UEFA Euro 2016 Tournament.

Recorded in Paris, on April 14th, 2016.

France’s blaming Belgium in the Brussels Attacks aftermath, Sarkozy is in trouble (again), and Maud Descamps teaches you a new So French word: solidarité. And if you ever wondered why the Easter Bunny is unemployed in France: that’s because chocolate eggs are delivered by flying church bells. What?! We’ll tell you So French!

In this episode:

  • Thousands have been demonstrating this week against a new law that would create more jobs. Why? And have you ever heard of the Paris Syndrome? The Paris mayor travelled all the way to Tokyo to prevent it in the future.
    Then there was a scandal this week, of course. A Saudi crown prince was awarded the Légion d’Honneur during a discreet ceremony in Paris. Why?! The word of the week is jungle, explained to you by Maud Descamps. And France has not been doing very well in the Eurovision Song Contest the last couple of years. This year’s contribution might have more succes. See the videoclip below.

Recorded in Paris on March 10, 2016

In this Episode:

Hollande’s reshuffle, a new candidate for the Conservative’s primary election, a homophobic football player and the word of the week is le remaniement, explained by Maud Descamps.

Hosted by Sara Bertilsson and Stefan de Vries; recorded in Paris, 17 February 2016.

The French government went through an unexpected reshuffle this week, when Justice Minister Christiane Taubira resigned. She was seen as a leftist rebel, so what does her departure mean for Hollande’s future?

Also: A report from a refugee camp in Dunkirk, the César nominations and a new segment: the word of the week, by Maud Descamps.

In the week’s edition we’ll discuss Charlie Hebdo’s legacy, the macho side of French comic books and you will find out what on earth is a fabophile…

This week: a controversial change of the Constitution, the opening up of 200,000 secret police files and we’re looking forward to 2016. Let’s hope it’s going to be better than 2015!

In this episode: The rise and rise of Marine Le Pen, the COP21 Climate Summit, football, sex and an interview with the French Minister of Sports, Patrick Kanner.

The first ever episode of the So French! Podcast, recorded in the heart of Paris.