This week everybody around the world was talking about Spiderman, the new hero who saved a kid in Paris.

And how are things going with Macron’s dream of France as a Start-up nation? We have a special guest, Abby Klein, host of the cool podcst Radical Departures. She will guide us through the world of French tech.

Recorded in Paris, May 31, 2018


President Emmanuel Macron went on a trip to China, and brought a curious present for his host Xi Jiping.

More on the ongoing #metoo discussion, but this week the controversy was caused by women, who disagree with the movement against sexual harassment.
We mentioned this article in The New Yorker: Why Did Catherine Deneuve and Other Prominent Frenchwomen Denounce #MeToo?

Refugees were dominating the headlines in 2015, but they’re back again. At least on the French political agenda.

We also talk about some spectacular heists, one of which is really stinky.

Of course, Maud Descamps is with us for a brand new word of the week! And don’t forget to check out our Spotify Playlist. We added a couple of songs by France Gall, who passed away this week.

Recorded in Paris, 12 January 2018