Every once in a while debate rages in France about Muslim veils. This week another high-point was reached: the topic was discussed in no less than 85 (!) TV programmes, with 286 talking heads, not one of them being a veil wearing Muslim woman…

In the country that has ‘Liberty’ and ‘Equality’ in its publicity slogan, many people would like to see restrictions on the way people dress. And by ‘people’, they often mean ‘Muslim women’. Is banning the headscarf a legitimate way of defending France’s ‘values’ (whatever they may be) or is it an open war against Muslims?

We also talk about another immigrant whose clothing obsessed the French: Marie-Antoinette. In two centuries, the image of the Austrian princess transformed into a pop icon. A new exhibition in Paris ‘celebrates’ her life.

Recorded in Paris, on 19 October 2019

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