Seine-Saint-Denis is France’s poorest district. In 2024 it will be the main site of the Olympic Games. This week the government presented a plan to improve life for its 1.6 million inhabitants. What are the challenges? And is the plan sufficient?

Hughue Dufour
This week’s guest: Hugue Dufour, of M. Wells in New York

Bad news for New York Foodies: in 2023, all foie gras will be banned. We talk to Hugue Dufour, chef at the restaurant M. Wells in New York. He is not amused by the ban.

On this side of the Ocean, Halloween is getting more and more popular every year. Ten years ago, the French couldn’t be bothered by this very American party, but now they spend 1.3 billion euros on the scary party. Why do they like it? Hosts Sara and Stefan discuss the new tradition.

Recorded in Paris on November 2, 2019.

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