Parlez-vous franglais? The French are not known for speaking English fluently. Or any other foreign language. Our guest, Giuseppe Fantigrossi of the start-up Play2Speak, will tell us why that is the case, and more importantly: how the French can finally improve their foreign language skills.

This weekend, it has been one year already that the Yellow Vests started their protests. And they are continuing. There were violent clashes in Paris again this Saturday. It coincided with the day the first half of Macron’s (first?) five-year mandate ended. To put more pressure on the President, a national unlimited strike, in public transportation, but probably also in schools, hospitals and other public services will start. How warm is this Winter going to be for the French Government?

Also: at the very chic Culture Ministry, a high-ranked civil servant drugged hundreds of young women to make them urinate in front of him. A “crazy pervert” says the Minister, but how come he wasn’t stopped earlier?

Recorded in Paris, November 16, 2019

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